Crazy Pitching method

This is unconventional. But it was through a few experiments on the range that helped me zero in. I focussed on using a pitching wedge. Accurate at 100m. The first thing, I lined up my right foot perpendicular to the target, ball was on the line just next to my right big toe. Full-swing, finish […]

It’s all in the lips

The key to playing the horn right is all in the lips. Have a proper embouchure is the only thing that you must get right and form properly. It’s defined as “the position and use of the lips, tongue, and teeth in playing a wind instrument” by theĀ Merriam Webster dictionary. InĀ The Art of French Horn […]

100 Plus

Golf was something my dad started me on really young. 11 or 12 years, went for coaching and all. But I wasn’t really interested then. I enjoyed going to the driving range though. Hitting balls was cathartic. I had a neat swing nurtured from the young days. Anyway, I only got my handicap at 33. […]


Computer Science. When I was younger, I only played games. I wasn’t intrigued by the machine itself, but I was pretty absorbed into the story. Some of the prominent games I loved MAC/PC: Thexder, Digger, Hillsfar, Star Wars: – Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, Battlefront, X-Wing, TIE, X-Wing vs TIE – Mechwarrior, Diablo, WoW, Red Alert, […]

Where it began

This is my journey with the horn. I started playing when I was 13. Stopped at 17, went into the army and that was it for awhile. 2006, I picked up the horn again at 26. Worked in a very tight and rigorous routine everyday until 2012. I woke up at 7 everyday, did a […]