Testing with Python, Pytest and Vim

  1. TDD with python, pytest and vim Setting up
  2. Getting Started
    1. pip install pytest
    2. pip install pytest-xdist
    3. If you are using Anaconda, pytest should already be installed
  3. Directory/Folder structure Create a tests folder in your project directory Test data for testing dataframes Name corresponding test files with a test_ infront
  4. Using VIM
    1. Open vim <filename> in the root directory
    2. Enter :vsplit <tests/filename> in vim’s console
    3. You will get a split window.
    4. Ctrl-wx to swap columns in the order of preference. I.e. code on left, test on right or vice versa
    5. Ctrl-ww to switch editing columns
  5. Using VIM – vsplit CODE TESTS
  6. Using VIM – vsplit Cursor Here shows where you are editing code testsCtrl-ww
  7. Pytest
    1. Run pytest -f -v in the root of your project directory
    2. Pytest will be watching for any changes in the code or tests.
    3. Once you save either file, it will re- run all tests automatically
Miniature Painting

M7B Heavy Assault Walker Punisher / Fireball

Custom paint by Kolectiv

Close up of some of the fine details by Kenneth of Kolectiv. “The Black Hearts” are the heavy walker platoon of the Allies in Dust1947. A much feared platoon able to inflict massive amount of damage in a very short time.

Kill count with a dame on a missile. The Black Hearts are primarily anti-tank. They carry the mighty USMC. Light infantry able to take on other infantry

“Born to kill”.

If you watched Full Metal Jacket, you’ll know this. Dual heavy machine guns help to provide limited air cover while the land forces advance.

The dozer blade.

Provides cover and is able to remove small obstacles on the ground. Are you ready for some Dust?

Miniature Painting

Crazy Jimmy

One of my favourite heroes from the game Dust1947. Crazy Jimmy adds some pretty neat skills into your walker. I usually pair Jimmy with a Fireball.

Ace Pilot: On activation, roll a die. Additional Action is granted on Army or Target symbol.

Crazy Jimmy: Upon a March Move, receives a free Cover Save

Lucky: Once per game, re-roll misses on any Attack.