Crazy Pitching method

This is unconventional. But it was through a few experiments on the range that helped me zero in.

I focussed on using a pitching wedge. Accurate at 100m.

The first thing, I lined up my right foot perpendicular to the target, ball was on the line just next to my right big toe.

Full-swing, finish with a follow-through to target.

It proved itself over and over again.

This changed my strategy from playing to the green, to playing to the 100m line. Once I was there on the 100m line, I would pitch in.


100 Plus

golf ball resting in dewy grass just above green on tropical courseGolf was something my dad started me on really young. 11 or 12 years, went for coaching and all. But I wasn’t really interested then. I enjoyed going to the driving range though. Hitting balls was cathartic. I had a neat swing nurtured from the young days.

Anyway, I only got my handicap at 33. Before that I had serious sprints of Golf Craze (almost twice a week during my 2nd and 3rd year in Uni). I stayed near a public golf course and walked there to play, and then walked back. When I graduated, it came back and took up lessons with a pro and changed some fundamentals in my swing that wasn’t ‘ideal’. I faced several problems, and decided to stop for awhile (a few years).

So the golf craze is back again. I think it’s something to do with playing the Horn or writing code. The satisfaction of getting something right after hours and hours of practice. I have a putting mat at home and I’d ‘zero’ my putter before a game just to be sure I was putting straight. I watch Tiger and Ernie over and over again on how they hit their driver. I keep a notebook on feet position, swing rhythm, ball position, and other mental mantras that I run through my mind when I hit a ball.

I will share what I’ve learnt here. But in summary, the best way to hit a ball is to not do any of what I have done above. Just don’t think about it, enjoy the greenery and the company. That is what makes the game most enjoyable.

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