French Horn

The 30min-a-day principle

photo 30 minutes a day is all it takes for a good practice session. I’m a working adult with a job from 9 to 6. I wasn’t sure how I could learn my instrument properly since I was working.

I read a biography of Yoyo Ma. His father insisted that Yoyo’s sister and Yoyo do practice first thing in the morning before breakfast. If I remember correctly, it was 30 minutes of practice. Practice anything. It could be 1 note, or a difficult passage, or trills, scales, whatever… just 30 minutes before breakfast.

I followed this routine, including in some routines my teacher Jamie had taught me.

I started out with the Farkas routine, doing some harmonic series and if I had time to practice some music. Slowly, this routine modified itself to harmonic series with a trill at the end and all major scales possible on the horn.

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