French Horn

Where it began

Endless-Road-11-04This is my journey with the horn. I started playing when I was 13. Stopped at 17, went into the army and that was it for awhile.

2006, I picked up the horn again at 26. Worked in a very tight and rigorous routine everyday until 2012.

I woke up at 7 everyday, did a 10min warmup and proceeded with whatever I had to practice. Practice routines were very UNSTRUCTURED. I’ll cover more of these routines in a later post. Daily practice was at least 45mins, with the last 10mins playing pieces that I have been working on.

I didn’t get much satisfaction with just playing routines, etudes and pieces. I felt directionless. This is where I enrolled into ABRSM’s exams. A whole new world opened up before me, and I discovered so much more about my playing and my skill level. The exams are from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and then the higher grading system – Diploma, Licentiate and Fellowship. I’ll share with you in a later post about how I prepared myself for these.

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