Testing with Python, Pytest and Vim

  1. TDD with python, pytest and vim Setting up
  2. Getting Started
    1. pip install pytest
    2. pip install pytest-xdist
    3. If you are using Anaconda, pytest should already be installed
  3. Directory/Folder structure Create a tests folder in your project directory Test data for testing dataframes Name corresponding test files with a test_ infront
  4. Using VIM
    1. Open vim <filename> in the root directory
    2. Enter :vsplit <tests/filename> in vim’s console
    3. You will get a split window.
    4. Ctrl-wx to swap columns in the order of preference. I.e. code on left, test on right or vice versa
    5. Ctrl-ww to switch editing columns
  5. Using VIM – vsplit CODE TESTS
  6. Using VIM – vsplit Cursor Here shows where you are editing code testsCtrl-ww
  7. Pytest
    1. Run pytest -f -v in the root of your project directory
    2. Pytest will be watching for any changes in the code or tests.
    3. Once you save either file, it will re- run all tests automatically